Thank You for Giving Us Such a Beautiful Planet – A Letter to the Divine Creator

Thank you for giving us planet earth. A letter to the Divine Creator- We have so many beautiful,natural gifts by which to marvel everyday, all within one planet.

To: The Divine Creator.
From: The Earth’s Inhabitants

We have so many beautiful,natural gifts by which to marvel. We all eat from the same beautiful, bountiful ocean sea. We all fly to and return from the same bright, blue sky, as we travel cross-county, cross-state,cross-country and even crossing continents and time zones. We all breathe from the same clean, fresh atmosphere.Thank you for giving us “Our beautiful planet earth- worth our time and attention- IT takes care of and feeds us from every land 2 every nation. Our beautiful planet never asks to go on vacation IT houses and feeds All of us everyday! Together we shall Enjoy the adventure while here on earth, cultivating life as if finding a treasured pearl; harvesting, polishing, planting and wearing the jewel that serves best.

Living on earth can be attributed to the beauty of a rainbow. AN EVER- SPLENDID RAINBOW WHEN BLENDED WITH YOU AND ME AND OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WILL RENDER A BEAUTIFUL HUE FEATURING ME AND YOU AND OUR RESPECTIVE CULTURES, BELIEFS AND INTERNAL PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE AND OUR VALUABLE COGNIZANCE OF OUR PLANETARY RESPONSIBILITY. We very much enjoy the bright sunshine and stare at the flares of flickering calls to work, plan, dream or inspire the next course of action.

Imagine if the sun could speak or react? The sun shining down from a clouded sky with sun flare that stares at us waiting for us to make a move to be inspired, incite action, enthusiasm, or to draw closer to dreams and intentions. That’s exactly how the sun can build us up from a cloudy storm, from what was once the norm, to a dream, or inspiration that will bring bold intention into the steps of ordained life paths and reach or surpass the outcome of our dreams.

We all enjoy the same brightly lit stars, the milky way, the galaxy. We all breathe from the fresh plants offering clean air, because they care enough to share invigorating, cleansing oxygen, and the beautiful rain forest will attest to this. We all receive warmth, light and new growth from the same illuminating sun.

We all reap the benefits of the glowing moon; it balances the earth’s rotation;it keeps the earth from wobbling; it moves the tides in the ocean; helping all animals breed new life. AS WE AVOW AND INTEND TO LET THE OCEANS LIVE- We plan to help the ocean extend its life- LIVING LONGER TO THRIVE TO KEEP YOU AND ME ALIVE. WE PLAN TO all get together and reap empowerment SUPPLYING THE INTENTION AND TOGETHER WE UNIFY OUR CAUSE FOR EMPOWERMENT. We travel together in unison past the mountain tops, crossing oceans and reaching the moon and beyond to the galaxy of our greatest dreams.

We are all part of humanity; together we are all one. It is very important for us to get back together again as one humanity, no class,no color, or no distinction of anything!

It is important to build people, buildings and nature the way that our Divine Creator intended. WE PROMISE TO get back to nature and natural buildings and living. Getting back to nature and what has been provided on earth, utilizing natural resources in a responsible way is the new wave, renewed with more powerful technology and energy efficiency at the core of building and commercial real estate innovation and building code enforcement changes are sure to follow suit.

THANK YOU LORD; I THANK YOU FOR GIVING; as we take a silent moment to reflect, appreciate; to observe your glory this Thanksgiving!

Thank you for breathing life into your planet: Earth- You have given us dominion over the planet and in return, you ask that we take of it and protect it.

Thanksgiving: Thank you for giving us a place to live: to the Divine Creator,

We,”Thank you,”again and again!

p.s – We won’t wait for a specific Thursday in November to celebrate Thanksgiving, as long as you are alive and thriving on this beautiful, healthy, for now, planet, it is a great time to be alive and to thank the Divine Creator for everything, everyday!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

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An Open Letter to Climate Change Deniers

The constitution states “that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. As a 50-year-old African-American male, those rights were denied me the early part of my life. Although, most Americans will never feel the pain of Jim Crow but it was real. So too is climate change.

Just like back then, fighting climate change is morally, religious, and scientifically the right thing to do. Is it right to leave an inhabitable planet to next generation? That’s like you and your older brothers playing football in the house and trashing the place. Your little brother comes in and can’t believe what he’s seeing. Your parents come home and you put the blame on your little brother. Is that morally the right thing to do?

I’m not catholic but when Pope Francis sounded the alarm about the climate, I listened. The Pope made the point that the earth is God creation, not mans and it should be treated as such. Man is trashing God creation. Whether you believe in God or not, it’s safe to say, you didn’t create the earth so why are you trashing it? Using the earlier analogy, the house isn’t yours so why are you trashing it? Your parents come home and they know who did it and like God, they are not happy. Is that religiously the right thing to do?

Now politicians are shaking their responsibilities by stating that they deny climate change but they are not scientist. THAT’S CRAZY! As of now, 97% of climatologist, who are scientist, and other scientist involved in climate change debate agree that there is no longer a debate. The planet is changing and it’s changing for the worse. That’s like going to the doctor and he/she prescribes you some medication but you say I’m not going to take it but I’m not a doctor. Is that scientifically the right thing to do?

We can talk about the data such as the Polar ice caps at the poles are melting resulting in less reflection of the Sun’s rays. Or the dryness out west causing uncontrollable wild fires. Or the heating of the oceans causing polar ice caps to melt causing oceans to rise. Coastal cities will be flooded and thus, inhabitable. And does it mean anything that July was hottest month on record or is too much science.

Another argument that I will make is that climate change is causing unbearable heat. As temperatures continue to rise, people with chronic illnesses will have to stay indoors longer and run the air conditioner continuously. The levels of these harmful greenhouse gases will most certainly increase in order to save lives only to have those lives cut short because of the greenhouse effect on the atmosphere. Therefore, it’s now time to leave oil, coal, and natural gas in the ground. The world must move closer to cleaner forms of energy. We must find ways to build on the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change because when it mandatory, the world will find cleaner ways to power life. Besides, isn’t it against God to commit suicide? Is that not what the Human race is doing?

Finally, to all you deniers out there, climate change is real. Dr. Martin Luther King said of the civil rights movement “the fierce urgency of now” and the nation responded. Well, climate change is today’s movement with a sense of urgency.

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Strategies For Sustaining and Maintaining The Ecology

The things found in the ecological system provide several benefits to mankind that makes life bearable on earth. Therefore, there is the need to conserve these ecological resources. The following are some strategies suggested for the sustenance and maintenance of the environment. The government, corporate bodies, institutions and individuals should strive in implementing these strategies to ensure the survival and sustenance of the natural resources in the environment.

i. Promote the rearing of animals

The rearing of animals should be encouraged to ensure the survival of the animal species in the environment. If every household learns to rear at least one animal species we will all be putting out measures in sustaining them. Funds should be given to the agricultural firms and industries that is committed to animal farming so that they will be well equipped in caring for a wide range of animal species to prevent the extinction of some of them in the environment.

ii. Encourage reforestation

Every individual should practice the planting of trees in his or her environment. The practice that should be implemented is ‘plant the number of trees that you fell’. If this culture is promoted, there will never be the distinction of some plant species in our environment. The indiscriminate felling down of trees should cease.

iii. Refill clay pits etc. for future use

Artists must refill pits of clay after they have taken large lumps for use. These pits shouldn’t be left like that otherwise they can be threats for human life and even abodes for wild animals. Therefore, they have to be refilled with the available soil to ensure its constant supply in the future.

iv. Experimenting and using alternative/improvised materials that are eco-friendly thus recyclable, biodegradable and renewable

Artists should experiment and try using materials in the environment that are eco-friendly or are bio-degradable for the production of artefacts. They should use organic materials that can be decomposed after the spoilage of the artefact. Also, they should use materials that can be easily recycled into other new forms without wastage. Production processes that are eco-friendly or do not impose danger on the environment should be used by artists. For example, gas kilns when used effectively are better than firewood kilns because while the former is smoke-free, the latter causes intense smoke that can cause air pollution.

v. The Government should strengthen and reinforce laws

The government and its institutions responsible for maintaining and implementation of laws should be firm in the laws regarding the environment. Huge penalties should be imposed on citizens who break the laws concerning the indiscriminate falling down of trees, bushfires, the unwarranted killing of animals, illegal mining and galamsey operations, indiscriminate disposal of refuse and all the other activities of people that are ‘enemies’ to the environment and our rich natural resources. Offenders should be severely punished to serve as a deterrent for others who tread their footsteps.

If these measures or strategies are implemented, it would help in saving our ecology and ensure the sustenance and maintenance of our rich natural resources.

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Why the Water Table in Our Cities Is Going Down Rapidly


In the olden days, water was available in plenty with rivers and other water bodies filled up to the brim. Hence, the water in wells could be found not that deep. This scenario is slowly changing. It has now worsened to such a level that water cannot be found even after digging a few hundred feet down. This change in availability to scarcity is going to create rift between the water-surplus and water-scarce areas in the world. The difference in water availability might even fuel unscrupulous exploitation of this precious liquid for commercial purpose. This is what happening in cities where the water table is fast depleting and its replenishment is happening less often. This might even create fights between water-surplus and water-scarce areas in the near future. Hence, let us find out the reasons and do the amendments to prevent the problems from going out of hands.

Factors Attributing to Water Scarcity

There are various factors that attribute to the water scarcity in a given locality. Some of them are man-made while some others naturally exist. We cannot do anything on the natural ones. But we can take some precautions to that effect so that things are better managed. We have been celebrating World Water Day instituted by the UN body. Yet, we have not properly understood the meaning of that day. In this article, we look at some of the factors that add to the water scarcity.

1. Climate Change: The major cause that contributes to the water woes facing a number of cities in the world is the change in the weather pattern. As a result, its availability from rains has come down.

2. Deforestation: The plants and trees are necessary for the cooling of clouds and precipitation of water droplets. The humus created by the falling leaves around the trees and plants can keep the liquid at one place and prevent its loss. Despite this knowledge, we have been mercilessly downing the trees in the name of development. The forest and areas under agricultural cover are slowly giving rise to the high-rise buildings. So, water has no place to go.

3. No Natural Faults: Even if it rains, there is no provision for storing water as there are no underground faults in some regions to let it seep in. There should be natural faults under the ground to let this liquid percolate the rocks to reach the underground storage. Unfortunately, many cities in the world don’t have such naturally occurring faults to help this precious liquid reach the ground storage underneath the earth surface.

4. No Rainwater Harvesting: Some cities have made it a norm to give approval for the new buildings only when they include the provision for rainwater harvesting. Unfortunately, many cities across the world have never thought of this solution. This has led to the loss of precious water after rains to the canals that are rarely maintained.

5. Over-exploitation: The water-scarce cities have given rise to a new form of business called water tanker business. This business thrives heavily by over-exploiting the water resources from nearby villages. Over the period of a few months, the water table of the exploited area comes down drastically. However, the tanker mafia would go in search of new avenues and continue their businesses.

6. Uncontrolled and Unplanned Real Estate Growth: Due to uncontrolled growth in the construction businesses, the need for new wells has come into existence. If more wells are dug in the same locality, the water level in the existing wells goes down and they dry up quite easily during the summer. This in turn has spurred the growth of tanker businesses in many cities.

7. Contamination of Existing Water Sources: Due to the rapid industrialization, the water table underneath the ground is slowly getting polluted, creating a demand for more liquid from other sources. In turn, this has given rise to the need for more wells elsewhere to keep up with the growing water demand.

8. Other Forms of Exploitation: People tend to use precious water for cleaning their vehicles, watering plants and even washing the house. Doing these kind of activities take more water than what we think.

Water table in the world has come down drastically due to various reasons. It is now becoming untenable as the water wars are happening in small scales in different parts of the world. In this backdrop, we need to understand the reason for the depletion of the water table. Read this article for more information on this hot topic, For more such information, readers can visit the link

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People Need to Change the Perception About the Environment


Every year people celebrate World Environment Day. From local bodies to the highest decision-making bodies, our fellow citizens have campaigned with a great voice that we have limited resources and we should not over use them. Have these persistent campaigns percolated to the ground? Can we see the discernible change in the mindset of people? These are the vital questions we need to look at if we have to keep something for the future generations. The fact of the matter is that things have not changed much on the ground and environment disintegration is happening everywhere. In this article, we would be critically analyzing the facts on the ground to see where we stand on environment preservation.

World Environment Day

We have been celebrating World Environment Day with great pomp and gaiety every year. We have campaigned hard to maintain order and utilize the resources with great care. Many celebrities, including popular actors, came with their precious views on environment preservation. People have spent lakhs of rupees on the topic of looking after the environment.

Response to World Environment Day

Some of the government departments such as Gurkha division of Indian Army went out of its barracks to clean the environment. In response to the Clean India campaign, the pet project of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, many people came out and started cleaning the environment around them. When people saw the celebrities and functionaries on the street with a broom, they started coming out in large numbers. But the enthusiasm died down when the media glare diminished. Authorities have conducted many competitions for the benefit of children to let them understand the need of keeping the environment clean and intact. As part of this initiative, they created campaigns through the medium of All India Radio (AIR). These campaigns had slogans on environment preservation and they targeted the distant villages that don’t have television sets.

Reality Check

Despite the campaigns and sloganeering, nothing on the ground has changed. The forest cover is slowly diminishing due to the felling of trees. The only thing is that deforestation has picked up and people have become aware of the need of trees in cooling the environment. It has to pick up at the massive scale to offset the felling of trees, which is quite rampant in many parts of the country. The authorities are turning a blind eye towards these destructive trends. As a result of this, the soil erosion and landslides have occurred in many parts of the country. These environment indicators show that things are not in good shape. Unless people handle these things on war-footing, the days are not that far off when desertification of land becomes quite fast. So, we need to pull up our sleeves and start doing whatever we can to save the environment from those people who want to exploit it in the name of commercialization.

Like any other country in the world, India has taken up the task of cleaning the environment. Being the pet project of Narendra Modi, the Clean India Campaign received lots of attention and public support. When the media glare went off, the people lost interest in this campaign. So, this article critically analyzes the facts to see whether any thing has changed on the ground. See more such critical articles in the link

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The Meaning and Reasons For Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is the strategic development of structures that seek to meet the needs of present and future generations through effective management and maintenance of the resources in the environment.

The main aim of sustainable development is to ensure that the present environmental needs of humans do not encroach on those that the future generations would also need and use. It is bent on sustaining thus ‘maintaining’ or ‘preserving’ the bio-resources that we have now so that the future generations would also have them in ample supply. An “unsustainable situation” occurs when natural capital (the sum total of nature’s resources) is used up faster than it can be replenished or replaced. Sustainability requires that human activity only uses nature’s resources at a rate at which they can be replenished naturally.

Sustainable development is essential and relevant to the preservation and sustenance of our rich resources in nature. Some of the reasons and relevance of sustainable development are discussed below.

i. To preserve and have enough resources for future

It is very important to sustain the resources in the environment to ensure that they will not be in short supply in the future. If the resources in the environment are not sustained, we and the future generations would not have them in abundant supply to meet the challenges confronting the world.

ii. To sustain the survival of the industry

The natural resources from the environment are a bank supply of raw materials to the numerous industries of the world. Their livelihood and survival of these industries largely depend on these raw materials obtained from the environment. It is these raw materials that are used in the production of several products for the usage and benefit of members of the society. If these natural resources were to be in extinction, it would result in the collapse of these industries.

iii. To prevent depletion of the resources

The resources in the environment are prevented from permanently dying out if the measures for sustaining them are developed. Sustainable development helps the natural resources to be in constant supply.

iv. Prevent global warming

Sustenance of the natural resources in the environment prevents global warming. Global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere especially a sustained increase that causes climatic changes in the environment. This usually results in warm and hot climates that extinct several plants and animal species making activities in life quite unbearable. If the resources in the environment are maintained, this problem would be curbed.

v. Prevent deforestation and bushfires

Sustainable development dictates that fallen down trees and plants must be replaced through reforestation. The opposite is deforestation which is the depletion of the plant resources in the environment which results most often in bushfires. The burning of the forest causes most of the natural resources to fade out of the environment.

vi. Encourage self-reliance

The preservation of them in the environment helps a country to rely on itself without resorting to the help from other countries. For example, if a country had preserved all of its natural resources such as timber, gold, rubber, etc., she would not need to rely on any countries’ help. Unfortunately today, many countries import raw materials from other countries to feed their local industries. If every country of the world is able to maintain her natural resources, it would encourage self-reliance and our world would be a better place worth living.

vii. Help the youth develop their artistic talents and acquire employable skills to reduce poverty.

The youth have been given natural talents by God and they are able to develop these talents by exploring the resources in the environment to produce functional items which can be sold to earn money and reduce poverty in the country. Interesting compositions of scenes are made with raffia, seeds, plywood, shells etc. They can be bought and used as wall hangings. The truth is that if these resources were not available, the talents of the youth would have remained hidden and unexplored resulting in extreme poverty.

These discussed points underscore the need to implement measures for sustainable development of the natural resources in our environment.

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As Autumn Winds Blow

Seasons come and go but it is always at this time of year when the sun sets a little earlier those gentle summer breezes always fade away. As Autumn winds replace that summer breeze there is always a sadness that overcomes the soul. I have always noticed that at this time of year memories of past summers have always brought me to tears. Tears of joy amidst sorrow knowing that all good things have to end. Many a summer we were unaware that the gaiety and laughter we shared the sands of time continued to drift down that hour glass. The friendships that were forged those many years ago their memories always resurface when Autumn winds start to blow. We have long since gone our separate ways but, those memories always return each and every year when the summer sun is dimmed by the arriving Autumn wind.

At summers end where Autumn leaves start to turn there is always a foreboding premonition of the year ahead. So many times in years past when summer comes to a close it really did hurt me so. The tears of sorrow that were shed are haunting reminders of the way things used to be. The quiet refined yet almost rambunctious nature of our childhood play during those summers of so long ago are now pressed into conscious thought. The innocence of those yesteryears are now lost with the passage of time. Sad to say that the innocence of those bye gone years are nowhere to be found in the whirlwind of existence of times of now. No longer are there days of carefree innocent play for many of our children, for they too are caught in the whirlwind of existing and not living.

As Autumn winds blow the days are shorter and there is a chill in the air. That noticeable aurora that one senses when Autumn winds start to blow foretells of cold dark nights of winter lying just ahead. In all those summers of those yesteryears when Autumn winds start to blow are constant reminders of how our world has changed. As the Autumn winds blow storm clouds of uncertainty hang heavily over head. No longer are those lazy hazy days of summer that I once knew. Gone to is the anticipation knowing that as summer ebbs soon to arrive will be a most festive time of year. Now, instead of a joyous anticipation there is only a grim reality of just trying to make it through one more day.

I have asked myself many times in the past that during all those wonderful summers of long ago where time seemed to stand still what has happened to make the days of summer where so little memories are made. The world today is a much more somber, more chaotic, and moves at a much faster pace. No time to waste, not a minute to lose, heaven forbid we should drop our smart phones. It seems that with all these wonderful technological innovations of the past 30 years would have made our world and our existence achieve a better balance. And, yet there is no balance in our society today. Too may of our youth go hungry each day. Too many of our citizens are so impoverished just adds to the imbalance we face today. These are just part of the reasons that make me realize that those lazy days of yesteryears summers when Autumn winds arrive really were the best days of our lives.

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The Left Insists That Anyone Who Does Not Agree Must Be A Racist

ews Flash: Just because someone disagrees with your faulty logic, failed programs or socialist agenda, doesn’t make them a racist.

The reality is that much of the left’s name-calling is in complete hypocrisy. You see, under the Democrat leadership under Barack Obama, the former community protest organizer and now president, has set race-relations back generations due to race-baiting and purporting victimhood for anyone other than white. That may help get votes but it does a terrible disservice to a nation which is supposed to be all-inclusive and was on its way to finally realizing that strategic goal. America does not need more of the same from these current trends of divisiveness, nor does the name-calling foster a positive future towards our goals – America needs a change, not a continuation of a political dynasty, intent on the ultimate power and going global.

The United States of America is a great nation, regardless of what the left might have you believe. Recently, a Canadian Voter told me that America used to be great, but it isn’t anymore. He said we were “not greater than many other nations in innovation, academics, or anything else, and that Walter Cronkite would roll over in his grave if he saw how ridiculous right-wing brainwashing media was today.” Well, I am sorry I disagree, please don’t call me a racist.

Since I so vehemently disagree, let me explain; This is the greatest nation in the world and we can make it better, as a last year baby-boomer, I’ve seen it all, and hardly appreciate the “apologetic approach” to diplomacy and denial of our hard fought gains on every front, in every industry and nearly every arena of science. To deny that the USA isn’t the greatest nation, again, it’s just denial of observation, something that the politically correct of the world and even our own academia, and half our population has keenly mastered.

Whereas Walter Cronkite might be turning over his grave but the Canadian’s own Marshall McLuhan would be laughing in his having fully understood and predicted the mass-medias pull on the human mind. Today the Clinton News Network (CNN) and MSNBC have done well in hiring the spouses of Washington DC leftist politicians and insiders and their commentary isn’t much different than RT, ripping into their opposition at every turn. We cannot believe anything in our media, nor can we trust the segments on Al Jazeera or the BBC both with obvious slant, even NPR is problematic with their choice of topics and interviewed guests with pre-ordained leftist bias. Sure FOX News, is clearly bias, so what? It’s just a mere polar opposite, just as in physics, what can one expect?

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Touching the Sky: How High-Rise Elevators Reach the Top

In the world’s tallest monuments of glass and steel, passenger elevators are perhaps the least venerated work of engineering. The beautifully fitted, well-lighted and air-conditioned interiors of a lift are designed that way so you don’t think about the complex machinery that keeps it running. But have you ever wondered how on earth you were able to get to the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa in just a minute?

Although humans are no stranger to unprecedented speed, being inside the fastest elevators in the world is a rather fascinating experience. This breakthrough enables towers to reach greater heights, and with city skylines going even higher every year, lift-making appears to have no limits as well. Let’s take a look at the amazing science behind the world’s fastest elevators.

Lightweight lift system

The secret behind the fastest and tallest elevators is lightweight technology. High-rise elevators move faster and smoother because ultra-lightweight components allow them to do so. Lightweight materials and highly durable carbon-fibre hoisting ropes enable elevators to have better performance, accuracy, reliability and energy-efficiency.

Traffic design

In lift engineering, traffic design is just as important as speed and size. It is an important part of the equation to creating an efficient and reliable lift system. The key considerations in traffic design are the average waiting time, or the average amount of time passengers wait for a lift, and the handling capacity, or the maximum number of passengers transported within five minutes.

The speed of the lift is just as important as the amount of time passengers need to wait for a lift. Elevator monitoring systems also help maintenance technicians detect urgent problems, optimise performance and eliminate downtime.

Of course lift interiors matter too but that’s more from a user’s point of view rather than a purely technical perspective.

Quick Escapes

High-rise buildings that have express lifts, those that travel from the ground floor to the highest floor, heavily rely on carbon-fibre and lightweight lift systems. A lift of its height must withstand high frequency to avoid downtime. There are also some buildings, such as London’s Shard, that have changeover floors that lets passengers switch lifts to get to the highest floors, which helps minimise wait times.

In the world’s tallest and busiest skyscrapers, elevators should be up and running at all times. It is, in fact, a great irony to not be able to reach the top of a building designed to touch the sky.

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When the Media Hires Storytellers

The growing number of news channels has brought the need for 24/7 sharing of high-quality information, promoting the requirements of public awareness as well as for edutainment purpose.

However, the live coverage of every event is not only painful but sometimes unnecessary as the news may not be relevant to the viewers and incidents worthy enough to be formed as the subject of argument and put on the display banners may not be as easy to be found.

The over explanation has led to a single immomentous epoch showed in an hour of the daily show being repetitively forecasted. The only difference being in the manner of deliverance. Where the host seems to invoke emotions through strategically plotted, viewer- directed thoughts and finishes the rest with his overemphasised speech: consisting of a blend of alternating crescendo and diminuendo. In agreement with the number of times the same footage is displayed with the flashing red circle daunting over the screen.

Some news channels have even brought their entire pontoon of story writers to create false news and bring upon the table a bunch of so- called plausible events, which have little to no correlation with the mortals. “What has an extraterrestrial invasion over Mars got to do with the humans on the earth?” “Who cares what aliens eat baked potatoes or apple pies?” Inevitably, these things when viewed appear to be highly irrelevant, absurd and even humorous.

Shivanjal Tomar, a reporter from Aaj Tak, took his show Vishesh in defence and affirmed “the roots of the problem are the people itself, what they want from us is to display news all the day long and clearly this isn’t possible. The degree of relevancy and proximity of the areas is a crucial factor determining the news to forecast every day.” said the 24-year-old reporter.

The areas under surveillance and suffering from a catastrophe or the base camps of terrorists are the most feared to trespass.

Reporters are unwilling to go there for fear of death and this primarily affects the news circulation, at times a channel may provide exclusive footage of the same news and the things may get heated up for the rest owing to the increasing demand to prove supremacy and maximum audience retention.

Under such conditions an hour clip may get trimmed to a 2 min video and bought rights from, the show has to go on till the end of the moment. What can the reporter do in the end?

Wardrobe malfunction is perhaps the most over-exploited topic of any news channel. The ones who used to distribute similar contents have formed their separate channels showing a female voice seductively give a sneak peek into the show or repetitively pinpoint at bare cleavage or the marital status of an actor in the backdrop. A woman hosts the entire show wearing tight outfits to make her look voluptuous, and the question arises what does the media want from us, are we some loafers ogling before our television sets for a woman who had half of her zipper pulled off? Why has the media employed daily soap techniques of ridiculous cliffhangers to evoke self-interest and suspense on viewers part.

The phrase “idiot box” given to television was some way contradicted by the intellectual presence of media pressing affairs which had any practical importance, however, the detrimental status of the news channels has once again brought the statement to correctness.

The future of media is uncertain after such incidents.

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